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BIC Excellence Award

Lydia Tricha

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Charilaos Trikupis et les Travaux Publics (Bilingual Greek and French)

Book looks in detail at the domestic and foreign policy of Charilaos Trikoupis, 19th-century Greek politician; in particular a basic aspect of his economic development programme: the construction of public works including rail and road networks, the cutting of the Corinthian canal, and the draining of Lake Kopaïs. 122 illustrations, many in colour.

Hardback    £39.00
9789607237033 | Published: 2001
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Charilaos Trikupis mia Biographici periigisi

Biography of Harilaos Trikoupis, Prime Minister of Greece seven times from 1875 until 1895. Greek language text. 600 col. Illus. Photographs, paintings and prints, newspaper cuttings, maps and cartoons, and numerous documents from his own archives, mostly unpublished until now. Provides insight into his family and political environment. Greek language text.

Hardback    £64.00
9789606878091 | Published: 2009
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