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BIC Excellence Award

Hans Barnard

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The Archaeology of Mobility
This book provides a ready-made reference to the worldwide phenomenonarchaeology of nomadism in various regions and is unique in that it tries to redefine pastoralism within a larger context by the term mobility. It presents many new ideas and thoughtful approaches, especially in the Central Asian region.

Hardback    £42.00
9781931745505 | Published: 2008
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The History of the Peoples of the Eastern Desert
Provides an outline of the history and sociology of the Eastern Desert unparalleled in any language for its comprehensiveness. As such, it will be the essential starting point for future research on the Eastern Desert. Includes a CD of eleven audio files with music of the Ababda Nomads, and six short videos of Ababda culture.

Hardback    £59.00
9781931745963 | Published: 2012
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