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William J. Murnane

William J. Murnane was an American Egyptologist and author of a number of books and monographs on Ancient Egypt. He was director of the Great Hypostyle Hall Project at Luxor Karnak Temple, was a research associate and held a Dunavant Professorship in the History Department of the Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology at the University of Memphis. Several of his scholarly monographs are used as standard references by historians and philologists whilst more popular works, which drew on his considerable knowledge of Ancient Egyptian monuments, are used by tourists.

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Excavations Between Abu Simbel and the Sudan Frontier, Part 6

Details the New Kingdom remains from the Nubian sites of Qustul and Adindan. Nubia prospered, as it was more closely tied to Egypt during this period of its history than at any other time. The Egyptian influence and Nubia's prosperity are clearly depicted in the burials.  206 figures, 53 plates, 24 tables.

Hardback    £58.00
9780918986863 | Published: 1992
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The Great Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Amun at Karnak

This 2-volume set contains full translation, epigraphic analysis, and photographic documentation of the wall reliefs inside the Great Hypostyle Hall of the Karnak Temple. This vast trove of ritual art and texts attest to the richness and vitality of Egyptian civilization at the height of its imperial power. 373 figs, 265 plates, 15 plans.

Hardback    £77.00
9781614910275 | Published: 2019
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