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BIC Excellence Award

Oguz Soysal

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Ankara Arkeoloji Muezesinde Bulunan Bogazkoy Tabletleri II
This is the first volume in a new series, Chicago Hittite Dictionary Supplements, designed to augment and supplement the work of the Chicago Hittite Dictionary project.

Paperback    £19.00
9781885923813 | Published: 2011
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Unpublished Bo-Fragments in Transliteration I
The unpublished text fragments are part of a large collection that had been found during the early German campaigns at the Hittite capital Hattusa before the Second World War. The fragments were taken to the Staatliche Museen in Berlin and were returned to the Museum of Ancient Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara, Turkey in 1987.

Paperback    £33.00
9781614910282 | Published: 2015
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