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BIC Excellence Award

Helen Jacquet-Gordon

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The Temple of Khonsu, Volume 3
Graffiti on the roof of the temple of Khonsu at Karnak, in hieroglyphic, hieratic, and Demotic scripts, caught the eye of those who clambered up onto that part of the roof still remaining. The 334 graffiti recorded are illustrated by photographs and facsimile drawings. Incl. transliterations, translations, line notes, commentaries.

Hardback    £140.00
9781885923264 | Published: 2004
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The Temple of Khonsu. Volume 1
The present stately folio with its accompanying text (translating all the texts in the plates) is the first-fruits of 45 years of intermittent work by the redoubtable Chicago team, alongside their work at Medinet Habu and elsewhere in Karnak.[From a review by K. A. Kitchen in Bibliotheca Orientalis 38 (1981) 301-02].

Hardback    £43.00
9780918986207 | Published: 1979
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