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BIC Excellence Award

Alan Lupack

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Lancelot of the Laik and Sir Tristrem
This new edition makes available to students of English romance and of the Matter of Britain two significant Middle English Arthurian romances. With introductions, glosses, notes, and glossary, a very accessible edition for students.

Paperback    £19.50
9781879288508 | Published: 1994
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Three Middle English Charlemagne Romances
An excellent introduction to the tradition of romances dealing with the matter of France-that is, Charlemagne and his Twelve Peers. This is a valuable introduction to Charlemagne romances and is accessible to beginners in Middle English because of contextualizing introductions and glosses for each text, as well as a helpful glossary.

Paperback    £15.50
9780918720443 | Published: 1991
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