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James Weldon

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The Hero Recovered
The Hero Recovered: Essays on Medieval Heroism in Honor of George Clark brings together studies concerning heroes and heroisms in Old English, Old Icelandic, Middle English, and modern literature as a tribute to the scholarship and teaching of George Clark. The thirteen essays in this collection appear in print here for the first time.

Hardback    £70.00
9781580441544 | Published: 2010
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Lybeaus Desconus
Mid-14th-century Middle English version of the classic narrative of the handsome and mysterious young outsider who comes to the court of King Arthur to prove himself worthy of joining Arthur's knights. The young knight is tested in a variety of ways, and learns both chivalric codes of conduct and the truth of his parentage.

Paperback    £15.50
9781580441957 | Published: 2014
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