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Ana Tavares

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Giza Plateau Mapping Project Season 2004 Preliminary Report
Covers the 2004 season of clearing and mapping on the 4th Dynasty settlement at the Lost City of the Pyramids (Heit el-Ghurob) on the Giza Plateau. Inc. excavations north of the Wall of the Crow; east of the Galleries; within the Royal Administration Building; and in the Eastern Town, Western Dump, and areas around the Abu Hol Soccer Field.

Paperback    £16.00
9780977937066 | Published: 2009
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Giza Plateau Mapping Project Season 2008 Preliminary Report

The volume covers the 2008 season of clearing and mapping at the Khentkawes Town (KKT) on the Giza Plateau, and survey, mapping, and excavation of burials in the area. The work at the KKT site encompasses excavations in both the Khentkawes complex and the Menkaure Valley Temple Ante-town. 

Paperback    £16.00
9780977937080 | Published: 2009
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Giza Plateau Mapping Project Seasons 2006-2007 Preliminary Report
Excavation results from the 2006-7 season at the Heit el-Ghurab and Khentkawes Town sites. Incl. results of a ground-penetrating radar study around the Valley Temples of Menkaure and Khafre; geomorphological history of the Heit el-Ghurab site and the Khentkawes Town at Giza; overall view of Giza's geomorphology; 3-D laser scanning at Khentkawes.

Paperback    £47.00
9780977937073 | Published: 2009
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