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Julie K. Allen

Julie K. Allen is Professor of Comparative Arts and Letters at Brigham Young University. She is the author of Icons of Danish Modernity: Georg Brandes & Asta Nielsen (2012) and Danish but Not Lutheran: The Impact of Mormonism on Danish Cultural Identity, 1850-1920 (2017), as well as numerous articles about European silent film, fairy tales, migration, and the construction of cultural identity.

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Screening Europe in Australasia

This book’s treatment of the extensive circulation of European silent features and stars in Australasia reveals the vibrant transnationalism of silent film before the rise of Hollywood, and frames the emergence of art house cinema in the 1920s.

Hardback    £80.00
9781905816873 | Published: 2022
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EPUB    £80.00
9781905816880 | Published: 2022
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