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Sacred Space and Sacred Function in Ancient Thebes
Series of papers delivered at a two-day session of the Theban Workshop held at the British Museum in September 2003. The region of ancient Thebes offers scholars a wealth of monuments whose physical remains and extant iconography combine with textual sources and archaeological finds.

Paperback    £27.00
9781885923462 | Published: 2007
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Sailing Through Time

The most important phases of Greek civilization relate to the sea, through voyages of discovery, naval campaigns and ocean trading, and the ship became a subject for artistic creations. The rich illustrative material has been selected from museums and collections both in Greece and abroad. English text. 361 illustrations, most in colour.

Hardback    £60.00
9789607254153 | Published: 1995
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The Saint Play in Medieval Europe
This illustrated volume provides a much-needed introduction to what may have been the most popular variety of drama in the Middle Ages: the saint play. A comprehensive and collaborative survey is provided with an emphasis on interdisciplinary study rather than only literary analysis.

Hardback    £70.00
9780918720771 | Published: 1986
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Saints and Sainthood around the Baltic Sea
Addresses the history of saints and sainthood in the Middle Ages in the Baltic Region with a special focus on the cult of saints in Russia, Prussia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, and Latvia.

Hardback    £86.00
9781580443234 | Published: 2018
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Saints at Play
Study of twenty-eight French nonbiblical hagiographic mystery plays from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the approach is intended to strengthen a comparative analysis of relatively similar texts created within a particular cultural setting.

Hardback    £70.00
9781580441674 | Published: 2013
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Saints' Lives in Middle English Collections
Companion to another Middle English Texts series text, Sherry Reames' Middle English Legends of Women Saints. This selection is intended to be broadly representative of saints' lives in Middle English and of the classic types of hagiographic legend as these were presented to the lay public and less-literate clergy of late medieval England.

Paperback    £31.50
9781580440899 | Published: 2005
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The Salt of Common Life

Throughout the career of Ambrose Raftis two themes or convictions have been in evidence: a belief in the fundamental individuality of medieval English men and women and a belief in their ability to make choices.

Hardback    £43.50
9781879288461 | Published: 1995
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A Sanctuary in the Hora of Illyrian Apollonia

Sappho's Gift

This latest volume from accomplished literary critic Franco Ferrari offers extraordinary new insight into the life and works of Sappho, one of the most individualistic and evocative poets of antiquity.


Hardback    £20.00
9780979971334 | Published: 2010
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Sargent to Basquiat

On the occasion of the University of Vermont's 225th anniversary, the Fleming Museum of Art presented an exhibition and accompanying catalogue featuring works from the outstanding art collections of the University's alumni. 

Hardback    £15.50
9780934658140 | Published: 2016
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