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Three Middle English Charlemagne Romances
An excellent introduction to the tradition of romances dealing with the matter of France-that is, Charlemagne and his Twelve Peers. This is a valuable introduction to Charlemagne romances and is accessible to beginners in Middle English because of contextualizing introductions and glosses for each text, as well as a helpful glossary.

Paperback    £15.50
9780918720443 | Published: 1991
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Three Purgatory Poems
Through these fourteenth-century Middle English poems, readers can experience something of the controversies that surfaced and resurfaced even after Aquinas had articulated his doctrine of the Communion of Saints

Paperback    £19.50
9781580440820 | Published: 2004
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Thucydidean Narrative and Discourse

Mabel Lang's long career as a scholar and teacher has given her a unique perspective on one of the most important authors in western literature. This book brings together several of her most thoughtful papers on figures and issues including the 400, Cleon, and Alcibiades, and joins them with new material on narrative technique.


Hardback    £25.00
9780979971341 | Published: 2011
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To Chronico tou Tatoiou, A & B tomos

A detailed history of Tatoï, the summer palace and estate of the former Greek royal family, from a variety of historical sources, ranging from official state documents to personal diaries and correspondence. 367 illus. including photographs, drawing and maps.

Hardback    £138.00
9789607037619 | Published: 2004
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To Fix Torah in Their Hearts

To odiporiko enos sillekti. Sillogi Vasili Korkolopoulos

Catalogue of the Vasilis Korkolopoulos Collection of rare items of folk art from the recent past, including weapons, cartridge pouches, amulets, watches, etc.. Searches for the links back to forgotten layers of Greek culture and the Greek psyche. Prologue by Professor Angelos Delivorrias, Director of the Benaki Museum. Greek language text. 100+ col. illus.

Hardback    £60.00
9789607037985 | Published: 2008
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To Reveal Our Hearts

Paperback    £16.00
9780878204564 | Published: 2000
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To Worship God Properly

Paperback    £19.95
9780878204588 | Published: 1998
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To Write the Lips of Sleepers

Paperback    £23.00
9780822963714 | Published: 2015
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Hardback    £36.00
9780878204168 | Published: 1994
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The Tomb Chamber of HSW The Elder

Egyptologists have often neglected important sites in the Delta, and in the case of the tomb of Hsw (located at the ancient site of Naukratis), the neglect is particularly glaring since the tomb was first recorded by Egyptologists in 1910 but never studied or analyzed.

Hardback    £26.00
9780936770178 | Published: 1988
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