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Books Most Needful to Know
Books Most Needful to Know" is the newest edition in the Richard Rawlinson Center's OEN Subsidia series. It includes essays covering topics such as Old English, Old Norse, Anglo-Latin literature, and Early Medieval Ireland.

Paperback    £19.50
9781580441827 | Published: 2016
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The Books of Chronicles

Hardback    £31.00
9789652420084 | Published: 1990
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Borders and Districts in Biblical Historiography

British Cinema and Middlebrow Culture in the Interwar Years

This offers an understanding of British Cinema between 1928 and 1939 through an analysis of the relationship between the British film industry and other ‘culture industries’ such as the radio, music recording, publishing and early television.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859897976 | Published: 2009
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PDF    £75.00
9780859899017 | Published: 2015
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British South Asian Theatres

Drawing on archive material and a series of personal interviews, this exciting new book reverses the neglect of this vital element in the history of contemporary theatre – the vibrant presence of South Asians in theatre in Britain.

Paperback    £25.00
9780859898331 | Published: 2012
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859898324 | Published: 2012
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British Theatre And The Red Peril

British Theatre and the Red Peril examines how communism was portrayed in plays in the British theatre between 1917 and 1945, and how at a time when the capitalist system seemed on the verge of collapse, the theatre played a significant part in communicating and manipulating political propaganda in order to influence audiences.


Paperback    £20.00
9780859896375 | Published: 1999
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859896368 | Published: 1999
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A Bronze Age Landscape in the Russian Steppes
First English-language monograph to describe seasonal and permanent Late Bronze Age settlements in the Russian steppes; the final report of the Samara Valley Project. Explores the changing organization and subsistence resources of pastoral steppe economies from the Eneolithic (4500 BC) through Late Bronze Age (1900-1200 BC) in the middle Volga.

Hardback    £68.00
9781938770050 | Published: 2016
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Brunetto Latini, La rettorica
Brunetto Latini's La rettorica is the first Italian translation of Cicero's early and widely influential De inventione, and this volume is a translation of Latini's translation, including both Cicero's work and Brunetto's commentary.

Paperback    £23.50
9781580442091 | Published: 2016
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Building a New Rome

The essays in this volume bring to bear the latest scholarly and technological trends in archaeological research to shed light on the site of Pisidian Antioch in central Turkey. Drawing on 3-D virtual reality technology and archival material from a 1924 expedition, the authors propose new reconstructions of the city's major excavated monuments.

Paperback    £29.00
9780974187341 | Published: 2011
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Bulletin of the Egyptological Seminar, Volume 18 (2009)

Most of this issue of BES is devoted to "Abbreviations in Egyptology," a comprehensive research tool that provides scholars with more than 5200 abbreviations used in Egyptological and Biblical literature. It is of particular use to those without ready access to the Lexikon der Ägyptologie. 

Paperback    £31.00
9780981612010 | Published: 2009
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