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Religion, Culture, and Society in the Early Middle Ages
Essays in this volume explore wide-ranging topics: Constantinople, Cloistered Women, Popes and Holy Images, Kingship, Pastoral Care, and Pilgrimages to the works or lives of Sidonius Apollinaris, Gregory of Tours, John Damascene, and Anselm of Havelberg.

Paperback    £31.50
9780918720849 | Published: 1987
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Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean

Paperback    £47.00
9781948488167 | Published: 2019
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Remember Amalek!

Remnant Stones

Hardback    £79.00
9780878202249 | Published: 2009
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Remnant Stones

Hardback    £28.00
9780878202515 | Published: 2012
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Renaissance Retrospections
From Shakespeare’s manipulation of his medieval source material to Protestant responses to medieval Catholicism, essays explore the ways that early modern writers responded to the medieval English literary and historical record, dealing with topics such as historiographic bias, print history, intertextuality and cultural history.

Paperback    £27.50
9781580441742 | Published: 2013
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Hardback    £70.00
9781580441735 | Published: 2013
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Representing Others

Representing Others examines a diverse range of cultural forms in which white novelists, sculptors, diarists, photographers, ethnographers, travel writers and filmmakers have depicted Native American, African, Pacific and Australian Aboriginal peoples.

Paperback    £18.00
9780859893541 | Published: 1994
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Rethinking Mycenaean Palaces II
This revised and expanded edition of the classic 1999 edited book includes all the chapters from the original volume plus a new, updated, introduction and several new chapters.

Paperback    £8.00
9781931745420 | Published: 2007
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Hardback    £11.50
9781931745437 | Published: 2007
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Revolutionary Melodrama

Revolutionary Melodrama explores intersections between cinema and politics during the Nasser era, a period in which a military regime embarked upon the construction of a new civic identity for an independent Egypt.

Hardback    £49.00
9780970819901 | Published: 2002
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Richard Coer de Lyon
With a substantial introduction and comprehensive explanatory and textual notes, this new edition of "Richard Coer de Lyon" signally contributes to the reappraisal and understanding of what became—during the centuries-long process of its composition—one of the most popular of medieval romances.

Paperback    £19.50
9781580442015 | Published: 2015
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