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Altera Roma
Explores the confrontation of two cultures, European and Amerindian, and two empires, Spanish and Aztec. Eminent historians and archaeologists examine the analogies between empires widely separated in time and place and consider how monumental art and architecture created"theater states".

Paperback    £58.00
9781938770012 | Published: 2016
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Alternative Empires

This is the first book to study representations of the non-Western world in European modernist cinema. In offering new perspectives on the history of Soviet montage cinema and on the British documentary movement, it connects with the growing body of work analysing manifestations of orientalism, Eurocentrism and colonial discourse in the cinema.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859896047 | Published: 2000
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Alternative Film Culture in Interwar Britain

In the first book-length study to concentrate specifically on Britain, Jamie Sexton examines the rise of avant-garde and experimental film-making between the wars.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859898102 | Published: 2008
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PDF    £75.00
9780859898973 | Published: 2015
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The Alternative Story of the Division of the Kingdom

Paperback    £27.00
9789652420060 | Published: 1993
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American Cultural Critics

This collection of essays assesses the work of a number of American intellectuals, including Susan Sontag, F.O. Mathieson, Daniel Bell and Hannah Arendt, who have addressed issues of culture and its multifaceted relations to politics, history, sociology and literary criticism.

Paperback    £22.50
9780859894043 | Published: 1995
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The American Expedition to Idalion, Cyprus 1973-1980
Report on excavations at the urban site of Idalion and the Neolithic site of Shali-Agridhi in Cyprus. Stratigraphic analyses of both sites as well as multidisciplinary studies of mining and metallurgy, fauna, human remains, pottery, coins and sculpture.

Paperback    £35.00
9780918986528 | Published: 1989
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An American in Victorian Cambridge

"An American in Victorian Cambridge" is a richly detailed account of student life in the Cambridge of the 1840s. The rationale for the book, which is as appealing today as it was then, is that this is pre-eminently a book about an American student at an English university. In this new edition, some substantial additions have been made.

Paperback    £17.50
9780859898256 | Published: 2008
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Hardback    £60.00
9780859898249 | Published: 2008
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PDF    £17.50
9780859898980 | Published: 2015
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American Jewish Liturgies

Offers scholars, rabbis, and anyone interested in liturgical history a bibliography of Jewish liturgy published in the United States up to 1925. Catalogues prayer books, devotionals, memorials, children's prayers, hymnals, and scores. Includes four indices - Geographical, Name, Title, and Liturgical.

Hardback    £20.00
9780878209125 | Published: 1997
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Amis and Amiloun, Robert of Cisyle, and Sir Amadace
In A Manual of the Writings in Middle English, Amis and Amiloun, Robert of Cisyle, and Sir Amadace are classified by Lillian Herlands Hornstein as Legendary Romances of Didactic Intent.

Paperback    £12.00
9781580441254 | Published: 2008
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Amoryus and Cleopes
For a wider audience of students and teachers of Middle English with contextualizing introduction, extensive notes, and helpful gloss. This 15th century romance creatively reworks Ovid's tale of Pyramus and Thisbe's tragic love. Of interest to students of Middle English romance and all those interested in the literary legacy of Chaucer.

Paperback    £12.00
9781580440165 | Published: 1999
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