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Material Culture and Medieval Drama
Contributions to this volume recognize that early drama depended on specific developments in material culture in order to achieve its effects, which included both visual and auditory means of appealing to audiences. . Of special interest is Mary Remnant's survey of musical instruments; she is the recognized expert on medieval English instruments.

Hardback    £27.50
9781580440202 | Published: 1999
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Materials and Studies for Kassite History Volume 1
Kassite kings (1595-1155 b.c.) reigned longer than any other dynasty in Babylonian history. From their time, more than twelve thousand cuneiform documents have survived. This volume catalogues all dated texts of the dynasty, including extensive unpublished materials in museums in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Paperback    £23.00
9780918986009 | Published: 1977
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Mathematical Astronomy in Medieval Yemen

This work surveys over 100 Yemeni astronomical manuscripts preserved in the libraries of Europe and the Near East. These sources attest to an active interest in mathematical astronomy in the Yemen from the 10th century to the 20th century, and the writings of various Yemeni astronomers of the 13th and 14th centuries are particularly impressive.

Paperback    £5.00
9780890030981 | Published: 1983
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La  Matrone Chinoise

La Matronne Chinoise is a new critical edition of a two-act comedy by Pierre-René Lemonnier. The edition is accompanied by a full introduction setting out the play’s historical and thematic context, along with an analysis of its versification, and by an appendix reproducing earlier versions of the tale from Petronius to Voltaire.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859897327 | Published: 2003
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Matthew Parker and His Books
Three lectures, presented before the University of Cambridge, that examine Matthew Parker as a noted collector of books, an avid annotator, and a keen student of Old English. Plates accompany the text to illustrate many characteristic aspects of Parker's interventions in his books.

Hardback    £54.50
9781879288201 | Published: 1993
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The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice
The first critical examination of magical techniques and the practice of the magician in Ancient Egypt , revealing their widespread appearance and pivotal significance for all Egyptian 'religious' practices from the earliest periods through the Coptic era, influencing as well the Greco-Egyptian magical papyri.

Paperback    £39.00
9780918986757 | Published: 1997
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Medicine And Science At Exeter Cathedral Library

Exeter Cathedral Library, established in the eleventh century, houses medical and scientific books from all periods. This catalogue is the first comprehensive treatment of the collection to be published, and has over 2700 entries, including material added in the 1990s.

Hardback    £80.00
9780859895743 | Published: 2003
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Medieval And Post-Medieval Finds From Exeter

Between 1971 and 1980 the Exeter Museums carried out over 30 excavations in the city which uncovered an exceptionally rich and varied collection of finds. Medieval and Post-medieval Finds from Exeter presents a catalogue and analysis of all the finds from the excavations as well as the most important unpublished material from the pre-1971 sites.

Hardback    £85.00
9780859892209 | Published: 1984
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The Medieval Dagger

In Mastering the Art of Arms, Volume One: The Medieval Dagger, Guy Windsor presents a complete guide to the principles and practice of Italian dagger combat, as set down in Il Fior di Battaglia a manuscript written in 1410. Readers are guided step-by-step through the process of mastering this six hundred year old art, from choosing a dagger to striking with it; from guard positions to steps and turns; from disarms to locks and takedowns; from safe falling practice to formal drills, and finally pressure testing their skills with sparring.

Paperback    £20.00
9781937439033 | Published: 2012
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Medieval English Political Writings
Poems and historical documents relevant to understanding the political climate of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Britain, many of which have been out of print for a century. This new edition, geared towards classroom use with its notes, introductions, gloss, and glossary, opens up the fascinating study of late medieval English history.

Paperback    £19.50
9781879288645 | Published: 1996
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