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Selected Studies in Modern Arabic Narrative

Paperback    £37.00
9781937040765 | Published: 2019
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A Selection of Early Music
Transcriptions were all designed for performances by the Society for Old Music, and were used in concerts for the local community, the International Congress on Medieval Studies. Concerts ranged from medieval chant and monophonic song to polyphonic choral works, and each concert focused on a particular topic.

Paperback    £15.50
9781879288409 | Published: 1993
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Self-Portrait of a Holocaust Survivor

Hardback    £24.00
9780822945079 | Published: 2017
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Sentimental and Humorous Romances
A unique collection of Middle English romances, each with a different view of society, ranging from a tale of oriental wonders ("Floris and Blancheflour") to excellent examples of the burlesque ("The Tournament of Tottenham" and "The Feast of Tottenham").

Paperback    £15.50
9781580441032 | Published: 2006
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Settlement and Society
Essays dedicated to Robert McCormick Adams reflecting his research and themes. Ecology, frontiers, urbanism, trade and technology are all explored. The intellectual threads Adams pioneered tie the volume together, incl. the use of multiple lines of evidence to attack problems and use of a comparative approaches such as ethnographic analogy.

Hardback    £54.00
9781931745338 | Published: 2007
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Settlement and Subsistence in Early Formative Soconusco
The Soconusco region, a narrow strip of the Pacific coast of Mexico and Guatemala, is the location of some of the earliest pottery-using villages of ancient Mesoamerica. Investigations at El Varal, a special-purpose estuary site of the later Early Formative (1250-1000 B.C.) are described here.

Paperback    £19.00
9781931745796 | Published: 2010
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Hardback    £38.00
9781931745789 | Published: 2010
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Settlement Archaeology and Political Economy at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico
This volume presents new information from a program of intensive archaeological survey and surface collection at an important Olmec and Epi-Olmec centre.

Paperback    £6.50
9781931745079 | Published: 2003
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Settlement Pattern Studies in the Americas

Seventeen distinguished scholars recount the history of settlement pattern archaeology and detail case studies ranging from Alaska to Oaxaca to Peru. The chapters grow out of papers prepared for a symposium at the 61st annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, held in New Orleans in April 1996.

Hardback    £37.00
9781560988267 | Published: 1999
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Settlement, Subsistence, and Social Complexity
Brings together the work of some of the most prominent archaeologists to document the impact of Jeffrey R. Parsons on contemporary archaeological method and theory. Parsons is a central figure in the development of settlement pattern archaeology, in which the goal is the study of whole social systems at the scale of regions.

Paperback    £8.00
9781931745208 | Published: 2006
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Hardback    £11.50
9781931745239 | Published: 2006
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The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse
This book illustrates this vastness of medieval interpretive tradition on the seven seals. It includes fifteen texts from the sixth through the fifteenth century.

Paperback    £12.00
9781580441087 | Published: 2009
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