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Empires and Diversity
For more than 4,000 years, empires have been geographically the largest polities on Earth. The case studies demonstrate the necessity to combine perspectives from the longue duree and global comparativism with the theory of agency and an understanding of specific contexts for human actions.

Paperback    £38.00
9780917956348 | Published: 2013
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Empsaël Et Zoraïde

This new edition of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre’s play Empsaël et Zoraïde, presented in a modernised spelling, makes available a text which illustrates his abolitionist stance through its central irony: the masters are black and their slaves white, joining forces in the antislavery debate which reached its height with the French Revolution.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859894647 | Published: 1995
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Engaging Torah

Eminent Jewish scholars from around the world present introductions to the different parts of the Bible for the wider public. The essays encompass a general introduction to the Torah in Jewish life, and include specific essays on each of the Five Books of Moses, as well as on the Haftarot, Neviim, and Ketuvim.

Paperback    £21.00
9780878201594 | Published: 2018
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Engendering Aphrodite

The papers in this volume focus on issues of gender and society in ancient Cyprus from the Neolithic to Roman periods. The introduction of gender as a focal point in archaeological research will continue to advance the discipline by contributing vital new approaches to the social interactions of the island’s rich and dynamic past.

Hardback    £8.00
9780897570596 | Published: 2002
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The English 'Loathly Lady' Tales
This volume concentrates on the medieval English Loathly Lady tales, written a little later than the Irish tales, and developing the motif as a vehicle for social ideology.

Paperback    £31.50
9781580441247 | Published: 2008
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Hardback    £31.00
9781580441230 | Published: 2008
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English Church Dedications

Forgotten after the Reformation, churches were revived on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with many guesses and mistakes, resulting in numerous alterations. Part One surveys their history in England from Roman ties to the present day. Part Two is a list of all 800 ancient parish churches and religious houses in Cornwall and Devon.

Paperback    £17.50
9780859895163 | Published: 1996
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English Texts

This volume collects the English texts written by visitors to Cyprus between the early 15th century up til 1878. In this period, the island was ruled by the Franks and the Turks.

Paperback    £12.00
9780965170451 | Published: 1998
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English Texts

This volume presents texts written in English of visitors to Cyprus. This volume focuses solely on the British period in Cyprus from 1878 to 1900.

Paperback    £12.00
9780965170468 | Published: 1999
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English Translations of the Scandinavian Medieval Ballads
The first nearly complete record of the translations into English of any major folk genre. Here translations are seen as cross-cultural dialogue and placed within the empirical discipline of Translation Studies.

Paperback    £27.50
9789529724116 | Published: 1995
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Enosis and the British

The documents within this volume reflect five phases of the Enosis agitation. This volume details each phase, highlighting the struggles between British forces and increasing independence from the people of Cyprus.

Paperback    £16.00
9781931226110 | Published: 2004
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