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Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, and the Nature of Fame
Characterological study offering new perspectives on Antony and Cleopatra, the most ambiguous of Shakespeare's plays. Wide-ranging in its concerns, this monograph promises to make an essential difference in the way scholars view characterizations, fame, Shakespeare's reputation, and the eminence of the celebrated figures of the play.

Hardback    £70.00
9781580443197 | Published: 2018
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Shakespeare's Play Within Play

In his foreward to the volume, Clifford Davidson praises Guilfoyle’s application of the concept of scenic form in her study of Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear, and her exposition of historical consciousness. Any student of Shakespeare will benefit from the nuanced study of his imagery and how it colors his characters and the action in his plays.

Hardback    £19.50
9780918720344 | Published: 1990
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The Shammakh to Ayl Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan 2010-2012

The Shammakh to Ayl Archaeological Survey examined archaeological sites in an area of approximately 590 km between Shammakh in the north and Ayl in the south in the southern segment of the Transjordan Plateau. It has particular relevance for understanding the major sites of Petra, Udhruh and ash-Shawbak. 200 b/w illus, 36 b/w tbls.

Hardback    £78.00
9780897570930 | Published: 2016
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Shechem I

This is the first volume of the final report on the site of Tell Balatah, biblical Shechem

Hardback    £41.00
9780897572064 | Published: 1984
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Shechem III

This volume presents the stratigraphy and architectural remains of the tell of ancient (biblical) Shechem on the eastern outskirts of the modern municipality of Nablus, in what was at the time of excavation the independent village of Balatah.

Hardback    £15.00
9780897570626 | Published: 2002
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Shechem IV

This is the final publication of the Persian and Hellenistic pottery from the American Joint Expedition to Shechem, 1956-1968.

Hardback    £15.00
9780897570794 | Published: 2008
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Shechem V

The Late Bronze Age sequence spanning the Late Bronze I, IIA, and IIB contains ceramics from occupational contexts and also from a cache of 850 restorable and complete vessels from a BasementChamber sealed below destruction debris. 88 b&w illustrations; 33 tables.

Hardback    £74.00
9780897570909 | Published: 2016
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The Shewings of Julian of Norwich
Fascinating first-person account of the visions experienced by the anchoress Julian of Norwich in May of 1373. This practical edition includes a gloss, an introduction, notes, and a glossary, making it valuable to students of Middle English and medieval mysticism alike.

Paperback    £15.50
9781879288454 | Published: 1994
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Short French Fiction

This volume provides new insights into some of the best examples of this form of writing in the twentieth century and also includes a chapter which explores ways in which the genre is evolving as the century draws to a close.

Paperback    £25.00
9780859895705 | Published: 1998
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859895699 | Published: 1998
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Short Guide to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (English language edition)

The exhibits on display in the Archaeological Museum of Thessalonike are presented and illustrated in the pages of this Short Guide by Julia Vokotopoulou, Director of the Museum. The illustrations are accompanied by a brief explanatory text. 189 mainly colour illustrations.

Paperback    £7.00
9789607254450 | Published: 1997
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