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From Ta'izz To Tyneside

This book is the first in-depth study of early Arab immigrants to Britain, and provides a unique insight into their everyday lives.

Paperback    £27.50
9780859894609 | Published: 1995
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From the Gulf to Central Asia

The demise of the Soviet Union, and the emergence of independent republics, have had profound implications for the regions on its periphery such as the Caucasus and Central Asia. This book explores the complex ways in which these republics have found both independence and a new regional identity in their relations with the neighbouring Middle East.

Paperback    £27.50
9780859894517 | Published: 1995
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From the Romans to the Normans on the English Renaissance Stage
Examines the late 16th- and early 17th-century engagement with a crucial part of Britain's past, the period between the withdrawal of the Roman legions and the Norman Conquest. Considers how ideas about early modern English and British national, religious, and political identities were rooted in pre-Conquest cultural constructions.

Hardback    £70.00
9781580442794 | Published: 2017
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From the Workshop of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary
Robert D Biggs retired from the University of Chicago as Professor of Assyriology in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations in 2004. To acknowledge and honour his extraordinary service as collaborator, associate editor, and editorial board member, contributions from some of his former and current colleagues are assembled here.

Paperback    £31.00
9781885923448 | Published: 2007
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A Further Range

The late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Spanish literature discussed in this volume falls into two main categories: the work of the Galician novelist, short-story writer and critic, Emilia Pardo Bazán, and the wider context of prose fiction and criticism during the period 1870 to 1935.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859895750 | Published: 1999
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Fustat Expedition Final Report, Vol. 2

The following are included in the contents of this volume: Introduction; The Mound and Underlying Strata; Architecture; The Finds (Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Bone and Ivory, Stucco, Leather); Numismatics; Written Documents; Textiles; Appendix: Observations on Basketry; Glossary of Textile Definitions.

Hardback    £25.00
9780936770215 | Published: 1989
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Fustat Expedition Final Report. Vol. 1

This is the first volume reporting on the eight full seasons of excavations carried out at the site of Old Cairo by the American Research Center in Egypt.

Paperback    £21.00
9780936770130 | Published: 1986
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Authors with different perspectives and backgrounds reconsider the nature of the Gallinazo culture and its position within north coast cultural history, while addressing wider issues about the development of complex societies in this area and within the Andean region in general.

Paperback    £19.00
9781931745758 | Published: 2009
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Hardback    £35.00
9781931745741 | Published: 2009
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The Game and Playe of the Chesse
Despite its title, Caxton's "Game and Playe of the Chesse" does not, in fact, have much to say about a game or about playing it. Instead, the work uses the chessboard and its pieces to allegorize a political community whose citizens contribute to the common good.

Paperback    £15.50
9781580441308 | Published: 2009
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Games and Sanctuaries in Ancient Greece (English language edition)

Foreword by Professor Sir John Boardman. Revised and expanded second edition, updated to include new historical and archaeological research on the panhellenic sanctuaries and their games.  It also includes new photographic material from the many sites and monuments where excavation and restoration works have provided new insights. 487 col. illus.

Paperback    £50.00
9786185209186 | Published: 2017
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