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Gold of Praise
This Festschrift in honor of Prof. Edward F. Wente contains contributions by forty-three of his colleagues and friends.

Paperback    £58.00
9781885923097 | Published: 1999
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The Gold of the World (English language edition)

Examines man's relations with gold through myth, art, religion, the economy and everyday life. Almost 500 illustrations cover every period of human history, from prehistory to the major ancient civilizations and from the America of Conquistadores to the Europe of the great artists. Slipcased, silk-bound HB, 486 col illus.

Hardback    £64.00
9789607254542 | Published: 2003
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Gothic Sculpture in America III

The final volume of a three-volume series surveying Gothic monumental sculpture in American collections - The Census of the Gothic Sculpture in America.  589 b&w photographs of items in twenty seven collections in New York and Pennsylvania; contributions from 35 individual specialists.


Hardback    £82.00
9780991043002 | Published: 2016
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Grammatical Case in the Languages of the Middle East and Beyond
Contains 28 studies of various aspects of the case systems of Sumerian, Hurrian, Elamite, Eblaite, Ugaritic, Old Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew, Indo-European, the languages of the Bisitun inscription, Hittite, Armenian, Sabellic, Gothic, Latin, Icelandic, Slavic, Russian, Ouralien, Tokharian and Etruscan. Concludes with a paper on future directions.

Paperback    £35.00
9781885923844 | Published: 2011
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Since The Théâtre du Grand-Guignol closed its doors forty years ago, the genre has been overlooked by critics and theatre historians. This book reconsiders the importance and influence of the Grand-Guignol within its social, cultural and historical contexts, and is the first attempt at a major evaluation of the genre as performance.



Paperback    £20.00
9780859896962 | Published: 2002
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EPUB    £20.00
9781905816354 | Published: 2019
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PDF    £20.00
9780859899178 | Published: 2015
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The Great Art Of Light And Shadow

Widely regarded by historians of the early moving picture as the best work yet published on pre-cinema, The Great Art of Light and Shadow: Archaeology of the Cinema throws light on a fascinating range of optical media from the twelfth century to the turn of the twentieth.

Paperback    £30.00
9780859896658 | Published: 2000
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PDF    £30.00
9780859899185 | Published: 2015
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The Great East Window Of Exeter Cathedral

Exeter glazing, and particularly the Great East Window, is of major importance. For the first time, this study establishes the correct dating, provenance and authorship of all the Great East Window's figure panels and most of its heraldic glass, and substantially rewrites the general history of the Cathedral's glazing.

Hardback    £80.00
9780859893176 | Published: 1989
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The Great Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Amun at Karnak

This 2-volume set contains full translation, epigraphic analysis, and photographic documentation of the wall reliefs inside the Great Hypostyle Hall of the Karnak Temple. This vast trove of ritual art and texts attest to the richness and vitality of Egyptian civilization at the height of its imperial power. 373 figs, 265 plates, 15 plans.

Hardback    £77.00
9781614910275 | Published: 2019
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The Great Islands

Gerald Cadogan is a British archaeologist whose contributions to the archaeology of the East Mediterranean relate to Crete and Cyprus. Contains 33 papers by an array of scholars who have been taught or examined by Cadogan or collaborated with him in the field or excavation workrooms over the last 50 years. 180 illus, col and b&w.

Paperback    £41.00
9789606878916 | Published: 2015
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The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah

The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah's 5th regnal year, the longest surviving continuous monumental text from Egypt, describes the combined Libyan and Sea People invasion of Egypt c.1208 BCE. This new study, the first complete commentary on this damaged text, begins with a translation of the text, accompanied by detailed notes.

Paperback    £37.00
9780974002507 | Published: 2004
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