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Great Moments in Greek Archaeology (English language edition)

This beautifully illustrated book offers an overview of the greatest archaeological sites and discoveries from ancient Greece. The contributors include those who have excavated at the sites in question and scholars who have spent a lifetime studying the monuments about which they write. 650 col illus.

Hardback    £87.00
9789607037848 | Published: 2007
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A Great Voice that Did Not Cease

Greece Through the Lens of Takis Tloupas (English language edition)

Photographer Takis Tloupas was born in Thessaly, grandson of a coppersmith and son of a carpenter, and lived and worked there in Larisa.  He toured Greece, first by Vespa then in a Deux Chevaux, taking over 30,000 photographs of what he saw, but it was Larisa that he photographed most as time went by. 574 b&w photographs.

Hardback    £87.00
9789607037671 | Published: 2005
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Greek Art and Archaeology c. 1200-30 BC

Takes the reader on a tour of ancient Greece along the most important period in its history, the 1st millennium BC. Architecture, city planning, sculpture, painting, pottery, metallurgy, jewellery, and numismatics are included. Target audience is archaeology and art students, and the non-specialist.  Incl. case studies, timeline, full index. 592 col. Illus.

Paperback    £39.95
9786185209001 | Published: 2016
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The Greek Chest (English language edition)

For centuries, the chest was the only piece of storage furniture to be found in the Greek home. Highly valuable as a functional item, connected with everyday events and the most important stations in a person's life (birth, marriage and death) the chest has profound, symbolic meaning in the imagination of the Greek people. 500+ col illus.

Hardback    £55.00
9789606878374 | Published: 2011
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Greek Painted Pottery from Naukratis in Egyptian Museums

The pottery from Naukratis is dispersed in museums all over the world and until now it has remained almost completely unpublished. This book introduces the pottery and provides a rationale behind the classifications of individual fragments, including a description of each fragment.

Hardback    £16.00
9780936770192 | Published: 1988
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Greek Texts of the Fourth to Thirteenth Centuries

This volume provides original source material concerning the history of Cyprus in English translation.

Paperback    £16.00
9780965170475 | Published: 1999
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Green Screen

This book combines film studies with environmental history and politics, aiming to establish a cultural criticism informed by 'green' thought. David Ingram argues that Hollywood cinema has largely perpetuated romantic attitudes to nature and has played an important ideological role in the 'greenwashing' of ecological discourses.

Paperback    £17.50
9780859896092 | Published: 2004
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859896085 | Published: 2000
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PDF    £17.50
9780859899192 | Published: 2015
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The Greening of American Orthodox Judaism

Hardback    £28.00
9780878204656 | Published: 2011
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Guidance, Not Governance

Paperback    £17.00
9780822963219 | Published: 2013
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