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Church and Society in Late Byzantium

The essays in this collection seek to shed light on various aspects of the church's role in late Byzantine society, especially on the relationship between the church and the lay world and the response of individuals to the challenges faced by Orthodoxy.

Hardback    £27.50
9781580441421 | Published: 2009
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Church And State

The Prideaux Lectures were given in 1990 by Adrian Hastings, published here in volume form. He surveys the range of interactions between the Christian church and the English state.

Paperback    £17.50
9780859893688 | Published: 1991
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The Church of Christ the Saviour, Thessaloniki

The small Byzantine church of the Soter (Christ the Saviour) stands on modern Egnatia Street in Thessaloniki, to the west of the arch of Galerius.  This is a brief account of the findings of the archaeological excavation carried out after the 1978 earthquake. 150 illus. most col.  Emphasis is on the iconographic and stylistic analysis of the wall paintings.

Paperback    £28.00
9789607037893 | Published: 2008
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Circled With Stone

This is the most comprehensive study to date of the fortifications of an early modern English city. The culmination of some twenty years of archaeological and documentary research, it provides a richly detailed portrait of the ancient system of walls, towers and gates which ringed the city of Exeter during the Tudor and early Stuart periods.

Hardback    £70.00
9780859897273 | Published: 2003
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PDF    £70.00
9780859899079 | Published: 2015
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The Cistercian Monastery of Zaraka, Greece
During the Frankish Crusader period, Cistercian monks built and developed the monastery of Zaraka in Greece for approximately forty years and were followed first by squatters, then by a seventeenth-century cemetery. The goal of this study has been to identify where the monks came from, how they lived, and why they left so suddenly.

Hardback    £70.00
9781580442442 | Published: 2018
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Cities of the Delta, Part II

The preliminary report of these excavations contains chapters on stratigraphy and architecture, pottery, Greek pottery, the various small finds, and a Third Intermediate Period relief fragment.

Paperback    £15.00
9780890030820 | Published: 1982
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The City of Rainbows

Written over four thousand years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, The City of Rainbows is one of the world's oldest folktales, featuring a wise king, a foolish king, magic deeds, talking animals, and a good witch who triumphs over a wicked sorcerer. This book offers the first modern retelling of the story.

Paperback    £6.00
9780924171703 | Published: 1999
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The City on the Hill

In 1955 the former University College of the South West was granted a royal charter and became the University of Exeter. This is the history of an institution that is also a community, a focus of teaching and research set within a particular environment but also part of the wider world. 130 col. and 31 b&w illus.

Paperback    £40.00
9780993371301 | Published: 2015
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The Classic Christian Townsite at Arminna West

An illustrated report on the 1963 excavation of a town in Lower Nubia which dated to the Christian Period which reached its zenith between c.AD 850 and 1100. Includes a general discussion of the town's history and its relations with Egypt and the rest of Nubia.

Hardback    £8.00
9781931707152 | Published: 1967
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Classic Maya Political Ecology
In the framework of political ecology, together these studies not only shed light on specific class histories of the region. They also advance a theory for understanding the contributions of non-elites to political growth and change over time.

Paperback    £52.00
9781931745703 | Published: 2013
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