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Ethics And Politics In Seventeenth Century France

This collection of twenty essays, of which five are in French, written by leading English and French literary and historical scholars, deconstructs the ethical and political framework supporting and circumscribing the actions of a powerful elite in France between the early 1600s and the final years of Louis XIV's reign.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859894661 | Published: 1996
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PDF    £75.00
9780859899123 | Published: 2015
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The Ethiopian Legend of Solomon and Sheba

The Queen of Sheba is one of the most famous women of antiquity, rivaled only by Cleopatra and Helen of Troy for wealth, power and beauty. She is best known for her legendary meeting with King Solomon, an encounter that has resonated through time, nowhere more powerfully than in Ethiopia. 95 colour, 1 b&w illustration. 

Paperback    £16.95
9780995494626 | Published: 2019
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An Ethnography of England in the Year 1685

European Cartographers and the Ottoman World, 1500-1750
Lavishly illustrated catalogue of the exhibit European Cartographers and the Ottoman World, 1500-1750 , explores how mapmakers sought to document a new geography of the Near East that reconciled classical ideas and theories with the information collected and brought back by travellers and voyagers. T

Hardback    £35.00
9781885923752 | Published: 2008
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Everyman and Its Dutch Original, Elckerlijc
Faced with death's certainty-and the uncertainty of the time of its coming, particularly in a historical period of widespread plague and other afflictions, what is one to do? Everyman speaks to this dilemma.This facing page translation of this Continental play will be useful to all students of theater.

Paperback    £12.00
9781580441063 | Published: 2007
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The Evolution of the Human Mind

In his eloquent new book Robert Carneiro traces the history of the development of empirical science—from the Paleolithic to the present—vividly describing the major events that have marked a great transition in human thought, and how this affected the human experience.

Paperback    £33.00
9780979773129 | Published: 2010
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Hardback    £78.00
9780979773112 | Published: 2010
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Ex Oriente Lux et Veritas

The essays in this book place Salisbury in the context of 19th-century Orientalism, with emphasis on the interconnected growth of Assyriology in Northern Europe and America. Salisbury is a founding figure in the development of ancient Near Eastern, Arabic, and Sanskrit studies, and in the rise of the American liberal arts university. 3 col and 4 b&w illus.

Paperback    £14.00
9780692824276 | Published: 2017
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Ex Terra Scientia

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections Volume 10 (2016) present papers by his colleagues in tribute to the career of David Soren, Regents Professor of Classics at the University of Arizona and Director of the Orvieto Institute in Umbria, Italy.

Paperback    £41.00
9781537569741 | Published: 2016
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The Excavation of the Prehistoric Burial Tumulus at Lofkend, Albania
The burial tumulus of Lofkend lies in one of the richest archaeological areas of Albania. In addition to artifacts, the recovery of surviving plant remains, bones, and other organic material contribute insights into the environmental and ecological history of the region.

Hardback    £130.00
9781938770005 | Published: 2015
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Excavations at Cerro Azul, Peru
Winner of the Jo Anne Stolaroff Cotsen Prize. During the Late Intermediate period , the lower Canete Valley of Peru was controlled by the Kingdom of Huarco. The seaside community of Cerro Azul, 130 km south of Lima, produced fish for the kingdom. This is the final site report on the architecture and pottery of Late Intermediate Cerro Azul.

Paperback    £15.00
9781931745550 | Published: 2008
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Hardback    £23.00
9781931745567 | Published: 2008
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