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Classical Rhetoric and Medieval Historiography

This volume stands as a selection of works presented sessions at the thirteenth International Congress on Medieval Studies, helping to “fortify the strength of interest and inquiry directed toward rhetoric’s symbiosis with historiography in centuries past”.

Hardback    £27.50
9780918720566 | Published: 1985
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The Clinical Study of Social Behavior

The decade of the 1960s witnessed early attempts to create a unified science-profession of clinical psychology. Following in the path of these efforts, Donald Peterson set out to write what he describes in his new introduction as a 'manifesto' for a 'scientifically grounded, practically effective professional psychology.'

Paperback    £35.00
9780971958753 | Published: 2004
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Close Relationships

When W. H. Freeman originally published this book in 1983, the scientific study of relationships was in its childhood. 'Relationship science' has since become established in psychology, sociology, and other disciplines. A new introduction by Ellen Berscheid and Harold Kelley documents the evolution of the field.

Paperback    £39.00
9780971242784 | Published: 2002
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Closure in the Canterbury Tales
For all its spiritual cheerfulness and obvious importance as a tale to conclude tales, The Parson's Tale seems to have inspired sentence and solaas in remarkably few critics. . This rethinking of traditional scholarship on The Canterbury Tales will be of great interest to Chaucer scholars and students of medieval literature.

Hardback    £31.50
9781580440110 | Published: 2000
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The Cloud of Unknowing
Describes the contemplative method centered around eliminating all noise and images from the mind, and in that encounter with nothingness, finding God. Accessible to students and teachers by including a gloss, introduction, notes, and glossary. This text gives a great introduction to the ethos of mysticism in the middle ages.

Paperback    £12.00
9781879288898 | Published: 1997
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The Cloud People

A case study in the divergent evolution of Mexico’s Zapotec and Mixtec civilizations, this collection has become a basic resource in the literature of Mesoamerican prehistory. Originally published by Academic Press in 1983, a new introduction by the editors updates the volume in terms of discoveries made during the subsequent two decades.

Paperback    £36.00
9780971958746 | Published: 2003
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Codex Ashmole 61
Since its rediscovery by nineteenth-century scholarship, Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Ashmole 61 has never been ignored, though it has also not gained a great deal of notoriety beyond the scholars of Middle English romance.

Paperback    £31.50
9781580441292 | Published: 2008
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Colin J. McRae: Confederate Financial Agent

Including archival documents, correspondence and accounting records that illustrate how this man was instrumental in the financial management of the Southern States during the Civil War, more insight is added into how McRae used blockade running along the Mississippi River to shore up financial strength in order to fight the war.

Paperback    £27.00
9780979587412 | Published: 2008
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Collecting and Collectors

A timely exploration of many facets of collecting and collectors. It brings together sixteen papers originally presented in two colloquia and a workshop at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Toronto. Part 1 Collecting and Presenting the Etruscans in North America; Part 2 Satis sit una aliqua gemma: Collecting Classical Gem from Antiquity through the 19th Century; Part 3 Researching Ownership Histories for Antiquities in Museum Collections.

Paperback    £20.00
9781931909365 | Published: 2018
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Collections at Risk

Conflicts and wars, and specifically the 2011 Revolution in Egypt, have brought to light the worrying question of the preservation of the cultural heritage in the world. The roles of museums and international institutions have become ever more important in this respect.



Paperback    £41.00
9781937040604 | Published: 2017
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