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Monte Alban

This book traces the history of past human settlement in one of Mesoamerica’s most important early cities. In his new prologue, Richard Blanton discusses the genesis and background of the project, its impact on the development of urban archaeology, and the changes it stimulated in how archaeologists think about the Mesoamerican past.

Paperback    £39.00
9780971958791 | Published: 2004
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Moral Love Songs and Laments
Illustrates how, in the devout medieval English sensibility, doctrine was vitally connected to affective receptivity. Narrative moods range from love-longing and passion to bitter grief and sorrowful lament, feelings from the intimately personal state of being God's created creature, individually answerable to divine law and love.

Paperback    £31.50
9781879288973 | Published: 1998
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La Mort des Enfans d'Herodes

The play La Mort des Enfans d’Herode  was first performed in Paris in 1639.  This book is a critical edition, with introduction, notes and bibliography, and the original text of the play, all in French.    

Paperback    £20.00
9780859892599 | Published: 1988
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The Morton W. Bloomfield Lectures, 1989-2005
The idea for the Bloomfield Lectures was…[to] reflect to some extent Morton Bloomfield's wide and varied interests—in literature, in the history of philosophy, in language studies, in Judaic studies.

Hardback    £31.00
9781580441469 | Published: 2010
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The Mortuary Papyrus of Padikakem

This new study is the first translation of the papyrus of Padikakem, with an extensive commentary. The complete early Ptolemaic manuscript from the Walters Art Museum contains two uncommon texts in hieratic. The study also thoroughly examines the development of grammar and paleography among the parallels.

Paperback    £11.50
9780974002552 | Published: 2011
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The Mortuary Temple of Senwosret III at Abydos

The Abydos mortuary complex includes a royal tomb and a temple established for the afterlife cult of pharaoh Khakaure-Senwosret III. Excavation of the temple's well-preserved architecture in tandem with work on its surroundings now provides the basis for a detailed reconstruction of this major Middle Kingdom royal mortuary temple.

Hardback    £38.00
9780974002545 | Published: 2007
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The Mosaics of Khirbet el-Mafjar
Originating from buildings in the oasis of Jericho and dating from the first half of the eighth century, during the time of Umayyad caliphate of the early Islamic period. In 2010 the Department of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage uncovered, cleaned, and photographed these early Islamic mosaics.

Hardback    £46.00
9781614910046 | Published: 2015
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Mosaics of Thessaloniki (English language edition)

The only modern publication on the mosaics of the major Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki aimed at specialist and general reader. The mosaic decoration of the Rotonda, Hosios David, Ayia Sophia, Ayioi Apostoloi and the basilicas of Ayios Dimitrios and the Acheiropoietos are included. 358 col illus, 38 b&w drawings.

Hardback    £85.00
9789606878367 | Published: 2012
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The Mosaics of Thessaloniki Revisited

Essays on the chronology and interpretation of the Byzantine mosaics of Thessaloniki. Edited collection of papers by expert authors, originally presented at a symposium held in 2014 at the Courtauld Institute of Art. 67 colour illustrations.

Paperback    £32.00
9786185209223 | Published: 2018
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Multimedia Histories

Multimedia Histories: From the Magic Lantern to the Internet is the first book to explore in detail the vital connections between today’s digital culture and an absorbing history of screen entertainments and technologies. Its range of coverage moves from the magic lantern, the stereoscope and early film to the DVD and the internet.

Paperback    £22.50
9780859897730 | Published: 2007
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859897723 | Published: 2007
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PDF    £22.50
9780859899352 | Published: 2015
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