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Mendes I

Mendes I brings together all known maps of the site and its environs: early examples based on the descriptions of Herodotus and Pliny the Geographer, maps of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century explorers, and maps produced expressly for this publication on the basis of the authors' excavations and surveys at the site, as well as aerial photographs.

Hardback    £37.00
9780936770024 | Published: 1980
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The Merit of Our Mothers

Paperback    £15.95
9780878205059 | Published: 1992
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Les Merveilles de la Terre d'Outremer

A critical editon of Jean de Vignay's Les Merveilles de la Terre D'Outremer, a story not well known by most. First published in 1990 by University of Exeter Press, it is part of the Textes Litteraires series.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859893480 | Published: 1991
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Mesopotamian Pottery
The results of the long-term co-operation of archaeologists from the University of Ghent and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago to establish the ceramic chronology for Mesopotamia in the second millennium B.C. <

Hardback    £140.00
9781614910183 | Published: 2014
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Method and Theory in Historical Archeology

Described by Lewis Binford in his new foreword as a 'solid foundation on which to build a vital and growing historical archaeology,' Stanley South's famous book on historical archaeology includes a new introduction by the author that discusses how the book came to be written and the evolution of the field.

Paperback    £32.00
9780971242739 | Published: 2002
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Michel Strogoff

This is the first critical edition of a Verne play; the book also contains many of his unpublished letters. His theatrical work (40 plays and synopses) was, until now, almost unknown, even though Michel Strogoff was among the greatest successes of the late-19th century theatre.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859894630 | Published: 1995
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The Middle Bronze Age IIA Cemetery at Gesher

Gesher is a small Middle Bronze Age IIA cemetery site located in the central Jordan Valley in Israel. During five seasons of excavation, a total of 23 interments were excavated in the cemetery. This final report presents the burials and material culture from the cemetery and compares the data with other Middle Bronze Age sites in Canaan.

Hardback    £15.50
9780897570756 | Published: 2008
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The Middle English Breton Lays
First vol. to make the Middle English Breton lays available to teachers and students of the Middle Ages. With the volume's helpful glosses, notes, introductions, and appendices, the door is opened for students to study Middle English poetry and the medieval family alike.

Paperback    £31.50
9781879288621 | Published: 1995
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Middle English Legends of Women Saints
Presents a collection of saints' lives intended to suggest the diversity of possibilities beneath the supposedly fixed and predictable surfaces of the legends, using multiple retellings of the same legend to illustrate that medieval readers and listeners did not just passively receive saints’ legends but continually and actively appropriated them.

Paperback    £23.50
9781580440462 | Published: 2003
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Middle English Marian Lyrics
The poems selected for this volume provide a sampling of the rich tradition of Marian devotion as expressed in Middle English. They range widely in form, tone and aesthetic quality. Taken together, they express the full range of a people’s effort to voice its anxieties and joys through Mary.

Paperback    £19.50
9781580440066 | Published: 1999
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