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Accessus ad auctores
Medieval commentaries typically included an accessus, a standardized introduction to an author or book. In the 12th century these introductions were anthologised. First critical edition of Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 19475, saec. XII, with new translation and explanatory notes addressing different aspects of the text.

Paperback    £31.50
9781580441896 | Published: 2015
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AElfric of Eynsham

Originally delivered as a lecture at the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, this volume was published in 2002 as "Ælfric von Eynsham und seine Zeit," introducing, as Gneuss says, "an Anglo-Saxon author . . . who was the first, and for a long time the only, master of prose written in English."

Paperback    £12.00
9781580441445 | Published: 2009
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Amoryus and Cleopes
For a wider audience of students and teachers of Middle English with contextualizing introduction, extensive notes, and helpful gloss. This 15th century romance creatively reworks Ovid's tale of Pyramus and Thisbe's tragic love. Of interest to students of Middle English romance and all those interested in the literary legacy of Chaucer.

Paperback    £12.00
9781580440165 | Published: 1999
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Aribo, De musica and Sententiae
Music was central to the medieval church's public worship: it was the essential medium of the Mass and the Divine Office. This new critical edition presents the Latin text and the first English translation of Aribo's musical treatise. Addresses newly discovered manuscripts of the treatise, paying careful attention to the diagrams that are integral.

Paperback    £27.50
9781580441964 | Published: 2015
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Ava's New Testament Narratives
Ava is the first woman whose name we know who wrote in German. She wrote her poem - or poems - on the lives of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ sometime early in the twelfth century, no later than 1127.

Paperback    £15.50
9781580440370 | Published: 2003
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Beowulf at Kalamazoo
This is a collection of essays designed to capitalize on the success of Seamus Heaney' prize-winning translation of Beowulf, which bridges the gap between the ivory tower where most who study Beowulf reside and lay readers drawn to the poem because of Heaney's reputation, the reviews or even perhaps the eye-catching cover.

Paperback    £41.50
9781580441537 | Published: 2012
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Hardback    £78.00
9781580441520 | Published: 2012
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Bewnans Ke / The Life of St Kea

In 2000, a sixteenth-century manuscript containing a copy of a previously unknown play in Middle Cornish was discovered among papers bequeathed to the National Library of Wales. This eagerly awaited edition of the play offers a text with a facing-page translation, and a reproduction of the original text at the foot of the page.

Paperback    £25.00
9780859892940 | Published: 2016
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859898003 | Published: 2007
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PDF    £25.00
9780859898997 | Published: 2015
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A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Troubadours and Old Occitan Literature
New bibliographic guide to Occitan and troubadour literature provides a definitive survey of the field of Occitan literary studies - from the earliest enigmatic texts to the 15th-century works of Jordi de Sant Jordi. Will become the essential source for Occitan literary studies worldwide.

Hardback    £133.00
9781580442152 | Published: 2015
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Book Of Devotions/Libro De Devociones Y Oficios

The first edition of the devotionary composed by Constanza de Castilla. Comprising a variety of prayers and liturgy offices in Spanish and Latin, the book provides evidence of the beliefs, experience, and expression of religious women in Spain of the later Middle Ages.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859894876 | Published: 1998
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The Book of John Mandeville
A contemporary bestseller, providing readers with exotic information about locales from Constantinople to China and about the social and religious practices of peoples such as the Greeks, Muslims and Brahmins.

Paperback    £15.50
9781580441131 | Published: 2007
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