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The Nissim Levis Panorama 1898-1944 (parallel text, Greek and English)

A touching photographic journey, captured in stereoscopic glass plates by one member of a prominent family in the Romaniote Jewish community of Ioannina, in north-western Greece. Important historical events unfold over the years, and we also see the everyday lives of different ethnic and religious groups. 266 duotones.

Hardback    £43.00
9786185209124 | Published: 2017
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Not On Any Map

The collection draws on the work of scholars and creative producers from all over the world who explore the idea of the nation in a variety of postcolonial contexts.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859894685 | Published: 1997
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On the Further Shore of the Enlightenment in Modern Greece

The Enlightenment in modern Greece is, without exception, characterised in our recent literature as a period of outstanding significance for the cultural history of modern Hellenism. Greek language text. 8 b&w illustrations.

Paperback    £16.00
9789606878893 | Published: 2015
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Picturing Cornwall

This book explores the history of Cornwall‘s portrayal on screen, from the earliest days of the moving image to the recent BBC adaptation of Winston Graham’s Poldark books. Innovative new research looking at amateur film and newsreels, avant-garde and documentary works alongside mainstream popular film and television. 7 b&w and 13 col. illus.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859890779 | Published: 2018
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859893589 | Published: 2018
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PDF    £16.00
9780859892995 | Published: 2018
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EPUB    £16.00
9780859890885 | Published: 2018
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Pindos - Grevena. Topia kai xoria tis Greveniotikis Pindou

The towering Pindus Mountains, jagged rocks and a huge mixed forest make up the landscape in Macedonian Grevena. Alpine valleys, rushing rivers, gentle streams, and villages feature in this lavishly illustrated book, which introduces readers and the many visitors to the landscapes and settlements in the prefecture. Greek language. 170 col. illus.

Hardback    £33.00
9789607037060 | Published: 1998
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The Political Economy Of Small Tropical Islands

This book is a comparative study of a number of dependent and independent tropical islands and archipelagos. Its contributors seek to answer a number of vital questions affecting the security, political status and economic development of some of the world's smallest and most remote communities.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859893725 | Published: 1992
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Pompeii: a Different Perspective

Photomosaic images of the two thousand year-old street in Pompeii, Via dell’Abbondanza, produced by combining survey drawings and digital photographs, revealing views that cannot be seen on the site. 126 pages containing 33 photo mosaics, with 81 additional colour photographs, 20 black and white historical photographs, and 51 drawings and maps.

Hardback    £40.00
9781937040789 | Published: 2017
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The Radiant Hour

This book of interdisciplinary essays explores how youth has been represented in American culture. The book focuses on familiar literary, film and television texts set within a framework of ideas drawn from cultural and social theory, presenting innovative and challenging analyses of new and classic texts from the 1890s to the 1990s.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859896474 | Published: 2000
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Representing Others

Representing Others examines a diverse range of cultural forms in which white novelists, sculptors, diarists, photographers, ethnographers, travel writers and filmmakers have depicted Native American, African, Pacific and Australian Aboriginal peoples.

Paperback    £18.00
9780859893541 | Published: 1994
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Selected Studies in Modern Arabic Narrative

Brings together a selection of studies, significant for the ways in which Allen has illuminated the short story, the novella, the early novel, fiction, intertextuality, translation, autobiography, and historiography. Together, they provide a pre-eminent scholar's invaluable perspective on the histories and genres of modern narrative in Arabic and in translation.

Paperback    £37.00
9781937040765 | Published: 2019
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