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Imperial Power and Maritime Trade

This new paperback is a Revised Edition with new preface. Using sources composed by late medieval Meccan scholars alongside the more well-known Mamluk material, this study presents the history of late medieval Mecca and the Sharifs who ruled the city by examining their relations with local and global forces: their alliances with local groups in the Hijaz, their relations with the imperial centre of Mamluk Cairo, and their reliance on the maritime trade of the Indian Ocean.

Paperback    £33.00
9780991573202 | Published: 2016
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In Saint George's Name

As a window into the knight and his craft, In Saint George's Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts brings readers a treasure trove of historic combat treatises, musings on the culture and context of the martial arts in the late Middle Ages and hands-on training exercises for wrestling, dagger, falchion and poleaxe.

Paperback    £26.50
9780982591116 | Published: 2010
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In Service of the Duke

Writing in the mid-15th century, Master Paulus Kal was the agent, confidante and fencing master to the powerful Duke of Ludwig IX of Bavaria-Landshut. In his fencing book, prepared for this ducal patron, he presented standard and variant techniques in the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer, in beautifully rendered and highly detailed illuminations of figures wielding the sword, sword and buckler, dagger, messer (falchion), spear and poleaxe, plus mounted combat.

Hardback    £81.50
9781891448256 | Published: 2006
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In the Service of Mars Volume 2

A compilation of the most popular and detailed lectures and class notes from Western Martial Arts Workshop's first decade, and a record of the growth of the Western martial arts community over the same time. From longsword to sword and buckler fencing; deadly knife-fighting to mounted combat, the martial traditions of England, Germany, Italy and Spain are all amply represented and combined with detailed, practical instruction.

Paperback    £32.50
9781937439088 | Published: 2015
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The Intellectual Climate of the Early University
A university exists to make known what can only be revealed by consistent, dedicated effort. Ultimately, a university exists in order to understand the things that are hidden from ordinary, casual view. This is a message that is subtly reinforced by all of the articles in this volume.

Paperback    £23.50
9781879288843 | Published: 1997
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Hardback    £62.00
9781879288836 | Published: 1997
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Introduction to the Italian Longsword

Internationally renowned swordsman and instructor Devon Boorman demonstrates the fundamentals of Medieval longsword combat. Solo and partnered exercises teach the foundation of this martial art. Suitable for beginners of all age levels and physical abilities.  DVD, running time 100 minutes.

DVD-ROM    £28.80
9781937439347 | Published: 2019
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Inventing Latin Heretics
Focusing on the ninth-century beginnings of Byzantine writings against the Latin addition of the Filioque to the creed, illuminates several aspects of Byzantine thought-their self-definition, their theology, their uniquely constituted state.

Hardback    £62.00
9781580441339 | Published: 2008
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The Jeu d'Adam
An Anglo-Norman mid-twelfth-century representation of several biblical stories, including the temptation of Adam and Eve and the subsequent fall, Cain and Abel, and the prophets Isaiah and Daniel. This collection of essays explores whether this early play was monastic or secular, its Anglo-Norman character, and the text's musical provenance.

Hardback    £78.00
9781580442664 | Published: 2017
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The Jew in the Medieval World

Paperback    £20.50
9780878202171 | Published: 1999
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Jewish Suffering
Jewish authors, such as Rabbi Mordechai ben Joseph of Avignon, asserted that Christian claims of divine favor were erroneous, and God's promise of redemption for Jews was still valid. These methods to resist Christian assertions of superiority and affirm the grandeur of Jewish experience were essential to Jewish life in the Middle Ages.

Paperback    £12.00
9781580440028 | Published: 1998
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