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Maps And History In South-West England

This volume of essays considers the practical and political purposes for which maps were used, the symbolic and ideological roles of maps in the history of South-Western England and the ways in which map evidence can be used to recover facts about the past for use in the writing of history. It is accompanied by 43 pages of maps and illustrations.

Paperback    £15.00
9780859893732 | Published: 1991
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PDF    £15.00
9780859899314 | Published: 2015
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The Maritime History of Cornwall

The first study of its kind. The book explores the rich, complex maritime inheritance of Cornwall on a national and international scale, considering the importance of the different historical periods from the medieval to the twentieth century.

Hardback    £70.00
9780859898508 | Published: 2014
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EPUB    £70.00
9780859899826 | Published: 2015
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The Maritime History Of Devon

Written in 1908 by Michael Oppenheim, for the Victorian History of Devonshire, this account has not been previously published as the volume for which it was intended was never completed. Based mainly on the national archives with which Oppenheim had an intimate acquaintance, this account emphasises the place of the county of Devon in naval history.

Hardback    £35.00
9780859897143 | Published: 1999
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Medicine And Science At Exeter Cathedral Library

Exeter Cathedral Library, established in the eleventh century, houses medical and scientific books from all periods. This catalogue is the first comprehensive treatment of the collection to be published, and has over 2700 entries, including material added in the 1990s.

Hardback    £80.00
9780859895743 | Published: 2003
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Medieval And Post-Medieval Finds From Exeter

Between 1971 and 1980 the Exeter Museums carried out over 30 excavations in the city which uncovered an exceptionally rich and varied collection of finds. Medieval and Post-medieval Finds from Exeter presents a catalogue and analysis of all the finds from the excavations as well as the most important unpublished material from the pre-1971 sites.

Hardback    £85.00
9780859892209 | Published: 1984
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Mediterranean Urban Culture, 1400-1700

The book, after an Introduction, is divided into three sections: neighbours and neighbourhoods; religion, ethnicity and minority groups; culture, politics and society. The coherence of the collection sets up resonances and comparisons which confirm a considerable unity in the concept of Mediterranean urban culture in its broadest sense.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859895781 | Published: 2000
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Miners, Mariners & Masons

This book is the first sustained and dispassionate study of the role of Freemasonry in everyday social and economic life: why men joined, what it did for them and their families, and how it affected the development of communities and local economies.

Hardback    £75.00
9781905816163 | Published: 2020
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EPUB    £75.00
9781905816187 | Published: 2020
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Mining in a Medieval Landscape

This book explores an industry that was of profound importance both in terms of the local economy and the history of mining nationally, but is long forgotten: the late medieval royal silver mines at Bere Ferrers in the Tamar Valley.

Paperback    £22.50
9780859898287 | Published: 2009
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859898270 | Published: 2009
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PDF    £22.50
9780859899338 | Published: 2015
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Mining in Cornwall and Devon

Mining in Cornwall and Devon is an economic history of mines, mineral ownership, and mine management in the South West of England. The work brings together material from a variety of hard-to-find sources on the thousands of mines that operated in Cornwall and Devon from the late 1790s to the present day.

Paperback    £30.00
9780859898898 | Published: 2014
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Music And Musicians In Early Nineteenth-Century Cornwall

Taken from Africa into slavery by the Portuguese, kidnapped by the British Navy and held captive aboard ship during the French wars of the 1790s before being abandoned in Falmouth, the story of Joseph Emidy deserves telling in its own right. Emidy became a prominent figure in the musical scene in Cornwall for his remaining years.

Paperback    £17.50
9780859893596 | Published: 1991
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