Collection: Exeter Studies in World Orders

Exeter Studies in World Orders

The series will be a home to work that critically engages with the concept of world orders: past, present and future.

The editors are keen to encourage multidisciplinary perspectives and work interested in developing an understanding of the historical, political, economic, and cultural dynamics that underpin the contested concept of ordering the international. We welcome contributions from the fields of international relations, international history, sociology, security studies, international political economy, foreign policy analysis, and cultural studies. We are particularly interested in encompassing original work from those located in the Global South or grounded in post-colonial, subaltern or feminist perspectives, among others. The series will engage with questions of formation, preservation, transition, and dislocation of world orders.

Series Editors:

Fulvio Attina, Prof. E. of Political Science, University of Catania,

Navnita Chadha Behera, Professor of International Relations, University of Delhi,



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