Collection: Exeter Histories of Everyday Life

This series explores histories of ‘everyday life’ and lived experiences, with a focus on the practices, relationships, interactions and subjectivities that shaped the lives of past historical actors and their everyday worlds. It will provide a ‘home’ as well as a dynamic space for dialogue and interaction for historians (and interdisciplinary scholars) working internationally on myriad aspects of ‘everyday life’ in diverse geographical and chronological settings. It will bring together, and into conversation, historians and academics in allied disciplines who are working on strikingly similar research questions and themes connected to questions of ‘everyday life’, but whose published work remains all too disparate and unconnected. It mobilises the history of everyday life to transcend arbitrary but pervasive academic divides, including those of geography (historians of Britain and of Europe, for example), period and discipline. Crucially it will energise new conversations about why the everyday matters and how historians might best approach it.

To discuss your book proposal, please contact the series editors:

Kate Ferris, Professor in Modern European History at the University of St Andrews (

Claire Langhamer, Director of the Institute of Historical Research (




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