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Solving Language Problems
From General to Applied Linguistics

Edited by R.R.K. Hartmann

Solving Language Problems
Paperback, 204 pages £20.00
Published: 1996
ISBN: 9780859894845
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Subjects: Linguistics and Lexicography
Series: Exeter Language and Lexicography

The book provides an overview of key areas and will serve as a useful introductory text for those following university courses in this field.

Contributions by
Aiden Cahill, Diane Davies, Steven Dodd, Rufus Gouws, R.R.K. Hartmann, Jon Mills, Mike O'Rourke and Mersedeh Proctor

Contents: Introduction - from general to applied linguistics, Aiden Cahill & Reinhard Hartmann; phonetics & phonology, Steven Dodd & Jon Mills; transformational-generative grammar & its relevance to other language-related fields, Mersedeh Proctor; systematic grammar & the description of English, Steven Dodd; aspects of lexical semantics, Rufus Gouws; what marks language as discourse? from prose to poetry, Mersedeh Proctor; psycholinguistics - the study of language acquisition & its use, Aiden Cahill; sociolinguistics and the pragmatics of teaching, Mike O'Rourke; orientations in language teaching and testing, Diane Davies; lexicography as an applied linguistics discipline, Reinhard Hartmann; computers in applied linguistics, Jon Mills.

“This book combines an analysis of current problem-based issues with a reliable survey of the basic points in modern linguistics, making it a valuable guide in applied linguistics.” (The Journal of Indo-European Studies, 1998)

R.R.K. HARTMANN is Director of the MA/Diploma Course in Applied Linguistics and Reader in Applied Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics, University of Exeter. He is a co-author of a Dictionary of Language and Linguistics (1972), editor of several lexicographical books, founding Secretary and former President of EURALEX, as well as editorial adviser to all the major lexicographical periodicals and series in Europe.

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 Paperback , 204 pages

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 University of Exeter Press


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