University of Exeter Press

Le Voile et Le Mirage

    • 87 Pages

    Known principally for Bruges-la-Morte, a key work of Belgian Symbolism, Georges Rodenbach (1855-1898) is also the author of other works worthy of present-day study. His collections of poetry, his plays, and his other novels subtly rework themes which evoke his native Flanders. This volume contains the texts of two of his plays: Le Voile enacts a whole network of themes with a connection to Bruges – a veritable summary of the “intimism” which was the glory of literary and artistic Belgium in the 1890s – while Le Mirage adapts Bruges-la-Morte for the stage, in an attempt to exteriorise thoughts which in the novel were essentially self-enclosed.

    This is a volume in the series Textes littéraires/Exeter French Texts. The text, introduction and essential notes are all in French.

    The late Richard Bales was Professor of Modern French Literature at Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.