Collection: Exeter Studies in Environmental Humanities

Past, Present and Future Econarratives

Series editors: Professor Peggy Karpouzou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Dr. Nikoleta Zampaki, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Editorial Advisory Board: Marco Armiero, Mieke Bal, Dominic Boyer, Jeff Diamanti, Vicki Kirby, Nina Lykke, Orsola Rignani, Scott Slovic, Imre Szeman, Robert T. Tally Jr.

Exeter Studies in Environmental Humanities: Past, Present and Future Econarratives provides a forum for innovative scholarship in Environmental Humanities, encompassing critical strands and interdisciplinary approaches to literary, ethical and socio-political explorations of life-forms’ entanglements, reaching from antiquity to present. The series encourages and includes works that examine cultural representations of the environment and species’ interplays, and which contribute alternative post-anthropocentric storytellings to the one of the Anthropocene, which has a disastrous impact on all Earth’s ecosystems and even threatens the planet’s existence.The series seeks to engage with original manuscripts (monographs, edited collections and handbooks) on a great range of Environmental Humanities topics, exploring past, present and potential future narratives, and ‘restorying’ our relationship with nature to rethink sustainable planetary futures.

To submit a book proposal and discuss your project, please contact the Series Editors:

Professor Peggy Karpouzou (

Dr. Nikoleta Zampaki (

Or Commissioning Editor Becky Taylor (



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