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    Étienne Jodelle, seigneur de Limodin, was a French dramatist and poet, was born in Paris in 1532 to a noble family and died in poverty in 1573.  He attached himself to the group of 16th-century French Renaissance poets known as thePléiade and applied their principles to his work. Eugène, a comedy satirizing the clergy, is one of his three plays.

    This is a volume in the Exeter French Texts series. The text, introduction and essential notes are all in French.

    Eugène, is a comedy satirizing the clergy, one of three plays by Étienne Jodelle, a French 16th-century dramatist and poet.  Text, introduction and notes are all in French.

    Keith Cameron was Professor in French and Renaissance Studies, and is Emeritus Professor of Modern Languages, University of Exeter