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The Boggart Sourcebook

Texts and Memories for the Study of the British Supernatural

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    Comprising three parts, this book is a companion volume to The Boggart: Folklore, History, Place-Names and Dialect. Part one, ‘Boggart Ephemera’, is a selection of about 40,000 words of nineteenth-century boggart writing (particularly material that is difficult to find in libraries). Part two presents a catalogue of ‘Boggart Names’ (place-names and personal names, totalling over 10,000 words). Finally, part three contains the entire ‘Boggart Census’ – a compendium of ground-breaking grassroots research. This census includes more than a thousand responses, totalling some 80,000 words, from older respondents in the north-west of England, to the question: ‘What is a boggart?’ 

    The Boggart Sourcebook will be of interest to folklorists, historians and dialect scholars. It provides the three corpora on which the innovative monograph, The Boggart, is based.


    Corpus One: Boggart Ephemera

    Corpus Two: Boggart Names
    I) Boggart Place-names 
    II) Boggart Place-names by Landscape Type 
    III) Boggart Place-names by County 
    IV) Boggart Proper Names 
    V) Bibliography to Corpus Two 

    Corpus Three: Boggart Census 
    West Riding 
    Rhodesian, Scottish and Other Boggarts 

    Appendix: Questions and Prompts 

    Simon Young is a British folklore historian, based in Italy. He has a longstanding interest in the study of the supernatural. In 2017 he edited Magical Folk (2017) with Ceri Houlbrook, and has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles in Folk Life, Folklore, Gramarye, Supernatural Studies, Tradition Today and other journals.

      • 306 Pages
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