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The Geology of Devon

    • 388 Pages

    Devon shows perhaps one of the most varied displays of geology in the British Isles. Intended for anyone with an interest in geology, The Geology of Devon covers the geological development of the county and adjacent areas from Devonian times to the present day. Each appropriate chapter has a list of representative localities so that the book can also serve as an excursion guide for fieldwork.

    "A useful book for an introduction to Cornish geology." (OUGS Journal, 22(1), Spring 2001)

    "Altogether this is a most informative and readable book, and the paperback version is very reasonably priced. It is recommended for anyone who wishes to gain an informed up-to-date introduction to the geology of this geologically complex, yet historically important area." (Mineralogical Magazine October 1999)



    Foreword-J. W. Murray

    Preface-Geological Field Work

    A Code for Geological Field Work


    List of Plates


    Chapter One: Introduction, E.M. Durrance and D.J.C. Laming

    Chapter Two: The Devonian Rocks, E.B. Selwood and E.M. Durrance

    Chapter Three: The Carboniferous Rocks, J.M. Thomas

    Chapter Four: The Variscan Structures, E.B. Selwood, E.C. Freshney and E.M. Durrance

    Chapter Five: The Dartmoor Granite and Later Volcanic Rocks, J.R. Hawkes

    Chapter Six: Metalliferous Mineralisation, K.E. Beer and R.C. Scrivener

    Chapter Seven: The New Red Sandstone, D.J.C Laming

    Chapter Eight: The Marine Rocks of the Mesozoic, M.B. Hart

    Chapter Nine: The Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks, R.A. Edwards and E.C. Freshney

    Chapter Ten: The Tertiary Igneous Complex of Lundy, J. Dangerfield

    Chapter Eleven: Industrial Minerals, A. Vincent and C. Nicholas

    Chapter Twelve: Hydrogeology, C.D.N Tubb



    Deryck Laming is a consultant geologist based in Exeter, UK.

    E.B. Selwood is Senior Lecturer in Earth Science, University of Exeter.

    E. M. Durrance is Emeritus Professor of Geology, University of Nebraska.