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BIC Excellence Award

New Berceo Manuscript
(Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional MS 13149)

Edited by Brian Dutton

New Berceo Manuscript
Paperback, 67 pages £20.00
Published: 1983
ISBN: 9780859891042
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Subjects: European Literature, European Studies
Series: Exeter Hispanic Texts

This monograph includes a description, study and partial edition of Berceo’s Mecolaeta manuscript discovered in the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid. This manuscript is important because it helped to identify previously mysterious fragments of Berceo’s works. It is also important as it helps us confirm the high degree of accuracy of Ibarreta's copyists, as well as giving us versions of works that Ibarreta did not copy.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 67 pages

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 University of Exeter Press


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