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The Geology of Cornwall

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    Cornwall is renowned for the diversity and complexity of its geology. This geology, and its relation to the mineral wealth of the county, has been the subject of continuing investigation since the end of the seventeenth century. A literature of great historical interest exists, and this is analysed in The Geology of Cornwall alongside a wide-ranging review of the current position and assessments of the environmental consequences of rock and mineral exploitation.

    These contributions by twenty-one leading academic and commercial geologists are aimed at all readers with an amateur or professional interest in exploring the fascinating geology of Cornwall. Undergraduate fieldworkers will find the book particularly helpful.

    "A useful book for an introduction to Cornish geology." (OUGS Journal, Spring 2001)

    "Altogether this is a most informative and readable book, and the paperback version is very reasonably priced. It is recommended for anyone who wishes to gain an informed up-to-date introduction to the geology of this geologically complex, yet historically important area." (Mineralogical Magazine October 1999)



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    Preface-Geological Field Work

    A Code for Geological Field Work


    Chapter One: Introduction, C.M. Bristow, E.M. Durrance and E.B. Selwood

    Chapter Two: The Pre Devonion Tectonic Framework, E.M Durrance

    Chapter Three: The Lizard Complex, J.R. Andrews

    Chapter Four: Devonion, K.P. Isaac, E.B. Selwood and R.K. Shail

    Chapter Five: Carboniferous, K.P. Issac and J.M Thomas

    Chapter Six: Variscan Structure and Regional Metamorphism, J.R. Andrews, K.P Isaac, E.B. Selwood, R.K Shail and J.M. Thomas

    Chapter Seven: Granites and Associated Igneous Activiy, D.A.C. Manning

    Chapter Eight: Mineralization, R.C. Scrivener and T.J Shepherd

    Chapter Nine: Modelling the Mineralization Framework, F.W.A.A Lucas and J. Willis-Richards

    Chapter Ten: China-Clay, C.M. Bristow

    Chapter Eleven: Offshore and Mesozoic Geology, M.B. Hart

    Chapter Twelve: The Tertiary, K. Atkinson

    Chapter Thirteen: The Quaternary, R.A. Cullingford

    Chapter Fourteen: History of Metalliferous Mining, R. Burt

    Chapter Fifteen: The Contemporary Extractive Industry, C.M. Bristow

    Chapter Sixteen: Environmental Geology, R.P. Edwards, P. Grainger and M.J Heath


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    C.M. Bristow is Visiting Professor in Industrial Geology, Camborne School of Mines

    E.B. Selwood is Senior Lecturer in Earth Science, University of Exeter.

    E. M. Durrance is Emeritus Professor of Geology, University of Nebraska