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Histoire d'Eleonore De Parme

source perdue de 'La Chartreuse de Parme'

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    In 1810, Stendhal read the sentimental novella "Histoire d'Eleonore de Parme", whose anonymous author was certainly a woman. This text poses the question: can it be asserted that Stendhal took inspiration from this novella when he wrote "La Chartreuse de Parme", and not from real life?

    Frontispice: Portrait de femme (Gravure anglaise anonyme 1810), ii; Introduction, vii; Le Texte, xxxiii; Bibliographie, xxxiv; HISTOIRE D'ELEONORE DE PARME; Resume de l'episode qui precede l'Histoire d'Eleonore, 2; Le Recit d'Eleonore, 5.