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Ancient and High Crosses of Cornwall
Cornwall's Earliest, Tallest and Finest Medieval Stone Crosses

By Ann Preston Jones, Andrew Langdon and Elisabeth Okasha

Ancient and High Crosses of Cornwall
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Paperback £17.99
Published: 2021
ISBN: 9781905816613
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Subjects: Cornish Studies, Medieval Studies, Religious Studies

A guide to one hundred of the finest early Cornish stone crosses, each carefully illustrated and described. These characteristic features of the Cornish landscape are all excellent examples of their type with a wide geographical spread. They are all of medieval date, around AD 900 to 1300.

The stone crosses of Cornwall are of great interest both to residents of Cornwall and to visitors. To date there has been no accessible volume which combines accurate description and discussion of the crosses with information on access, colour images, and bibliographical information for further reading.

This accessible, but academically rigorous work, includes an analysis of the decorative designs and techniques of the sculpture. These conclusions are accompanied by the excellent photographs which illustrate the, often hard to discern, detail.

Ancient and High Crosses of Cornwall forms an introduction to the subject for the general reader but will also interest local historians, landscape historians, archaeologists, and all working in the area of Cornish studies. It will also interest members of the Cornish diaspora wishing to learn about their Cornish roots.

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