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Ancient Settlement Systems and Cultures in the Ram Hormuz Plain, Southwestern Iran
After World War II, archaeological fieldwork was resumed in Iran in 1948. McCown chose the Ram Hormuz region, southeast of lowland Susiana and the region south and east of the provincial town of Ahvaz down to the Persian Gulf. He recorded 118 sites in the areas and eventually chose for excavation the large prehistoric mound complex Tall-e Geser.

Hardback    £81.00
9781885923974 | Published: 2014
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Ancient Swordplay

In late Victorian England, Captain Alfred Hutton and Egerton Castle, both devoted fencers and amateur historians, led a systematic study and reconstruction of combat with all the weapons of the Elizabethan arsenal. Their work found practical expression in classes, exhibitions, academic lectures and theatrical combat.

Paperback    £20.50
9780982591185 | Published: 2010
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Ancrene Wisse
Ancrene Wisse or the Anchoresses Guide (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 402), written sometime roughly between 1225 and 1240, represents a revision of an earlier work, usually called the Ancrene Riwle or Anchorites' Rule, a book of religious instruction for three lay women of noble birth.

Paperback    £31.50
9781580440707 | Published: 2001
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Andean Civilization
Brings together exciting new field data by Andean scholars who came together to honor their friend, colleague, and mentor. An invaluable addition to any Andeanist's library, the papers in this book demonstrate the breadth and influence of Moseley's work and the vibrant range of exciting new work by his former students and collaborators.

Paperback    £15.00
9781931745536 | Published: 2009
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Hardback    £31.00
9781931745543 | Published: 2009
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Anglo-Saxon Books and Their Readers

Anglo-Saxon Textual Illustration
Illustrations and major decoration of sixteen Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, fully described and indexed, are reproduced here in 454 photographs, many for the first time.

Hardback    £93.50
9781879288102 | Published: 1992
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Ankara Arkeoloji Muezesinde Bulunan Bogazkoy Tabletleri II
This is the first volume in a new series, Chicago Hittite Dictionary Supplements, designed to augment and supplement the work of the Chicago Hittite Dictionary project.

Paperback    £19.00
9781885923813 | Published: 2011
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Apo ti Zoi ton Vlachon sta 1900 (Greek language edition)

An album of rare photographs highlighting the multiple dimensions of the Vlach populations living in both Greek and Ottoman lands in the Balkans in 1900.  Published in collaboration with the Egnatia Epirus Foundation.Greek language text. 226 b&w illus, 12 maps.

Paperback    £26.00
9789607037916 | Published: 2008
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Applied Zooarchaeology

Zooarchaeologists increasingly focus onconservation biology.  This book uses a series of case studies explore the types of interdisciplinary challenges that zooarchaeologists face when crossing into the world of environmental management and animal conservation.

Paperback    £25.00
9780989824965 | Published: 2016
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The Appreciation of Film

This book offers the first full account of the film society movement in Britain and its contribution to post-World War Two film culture. It brings to life a lost history of alternative film exhibition and challenges the general assumption that the study of film began with university courses on ‘Film Studies’.



Hardback    £75.00
9780859898881 | Published: 2016
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EPUB    £75.00
9780859899895 | Published: 2019
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PDF    £75.00
9780859899727 | Published: 2019
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