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Studies in Fifteenth-Century Stagecraft
A close study of eight plays and the elements Robinson considers essential to performance: playwright, sponsors, location, plot, script, players, and audience.

Paperback    £31.50
9780918720399 | Published: 1991
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Hardback    £31.00
9780918720382 | Published: 1991
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Studies in Honor of George R. Hughes
Essays presented to George R. Hughes, Professor Emeritus of Egyptology at the Oriental Institute, on his 70th birthday. The articles deal with the art, history, language, literature, and religion of ancient Egypt, concentrating especially on the later periods of Egyptian civilization, which were Professor Hughes' special interest.

Paperback    £12.00
9780918986016 | Published: 1976
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Studies in Honor of Hans-Erich Keller
Essays on many aspects of medieval French and Occitan literatures and Romance linguistics in tribute to Hans-Erich Keller, one of our most productive and wide-ranging scholars. As a group, the essays reflect the state of the art of medieval French and Occitan studies and Romance linguistics, with varied methodologies and varied conclusions.

Paperback    £43.50
9781879288225 | Published: 1993
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Hardback    £93.50
9781879288218 | Published: 1993
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Studies in Honor of John A. Wilson
This book is made up of twelve articles, contributed in honour of the seventieth birthday of John A. Wilson by his students and colleagues of the Oriental Institute.

Paperback    £8.00
9780226624082 | Published: 1969
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Studies in Malory
Compiled to mark the five-hundredth anniversary of publication of Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur by William Caxton, this volume contains critical studies of Malory's work, supplemented by essays that place that work in the larger context of Caxton's canon.

Paperback    £31.50
9780918720559 | Published: 1985
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Hardback    £70.00
9780918720542 | Published: 1985
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Studies in Medieval Islamic Intellectual Traditions

Focuses on aspects of Islamic thought in Iran and Yemen, and other regions of the Middle East, from the ninth to the fifteenth century CE, through a close study of manuscript materials.  Chapters are arranged under five rubrics: Mu'tazilism, Zaydism in Iran and in Yemen, Twelver Shi'ism, Mysticism, and Bibliographical Traditions. 42 b&w illus.


Paperback    £37.00
9781937040918 | Published: 2018
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Studies in Memory of James F. Romano

James F. Romano, curator of Egyptian art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, was a leading figure in the study of ancient Egyptian art. This volume honors his memory with major studies in Egyptian art, religion, and archaeology by sixteen of his friends and colleagues, as well as a remembrance and bibliography.

Paperback    £38.00
9780981612003 | Published: 2008
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Studies in Semitic and Afroasiatic Linguistics Presented to Gene B Gragg
Professor Gene B Gragg's intellectual curiosity and rigorous linguistic method served as a bridge between the often disparate fields of Semitic philology and linguistics, between the various sub-disciplines that study the ancient Near East, and more. Essays presented at a symposium at the Oriental Institute on 2004 to honour of his retirement.

Paperback    £47.00
9781885923417 | Published: 2008
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Studies in the Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands in Memory of Douglas L. Esse
In memory of Douglas L. Esse, an archaeologist and assistant professor at the Oriental Institute. The majority of the thirty-four chapters in this volume are concerned with the study of the Early Bronze Age.

Paperback    £74.00
9781885923158 | Published: 2001
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Studies in the Harley Manuscript
This book is the first comprehensive examination of a manuscript that is of supreme value to literary scholars of medieval English literature.

Paperback    £31.50
9781580440615 | Published: 2000
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Hardback    £78.00
9781580440608 | Published: 2000
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